"I am a Native American and a Native Oklahoman. I was the victim of egregious violations of my Right to Due Process of Law, arbitrarily charged with trumped up police allegations in a county I do not reside. The charges, if convicted, would have ruined my life. I spoke to attorneys I am acquainted with and they gave me numbers to call. The handful I attempted to consult with looked at me as I am guilty and told me that given the circumstantial evidence I would more than likely will be convicted. My mother came across and researched Ms. Shelia Shoemake, Attorney Shoemake has a strong legal ethic and acts with candor, compassion, pragmatism, patience, and sweetness. Attorney Shoemake worked hard to get my felony charges reduced to misdemeanors shielding me from a conviction that would have destroyed my life, all I have worked so hard to accomplish. We need more attorneys in Oklahoma like Ms. Shoemake. She is a true treasure and excellent practitioner of the law. Attorney Shoemake is the embodiment of what makes a most excellent, wise and successful lawyer."

"Sheila is a great lawyer. I contacted her after getting a DUI. It was my second and I was very worried about it. After contacting Sheila she explained to me the possible outcomes, but assured me she would fight for me to get the best outcome. I live out of the metropolitan area and after faxing my paperwork to Sheila she hand delivered the paperwork necessary to file for a DPS hearing. I expressed to Sheila my need to keep my license due to my job and again she reassured me she would fight for me. DPS hearing cases are hard to win, however, Sheila fought for me and won the case! Not only did she win my DPS case, but she was able to get me a deal in my criminal case so that I would not become a convicted felon. Sheila was always readily available to answer any questions I had about my case. I am very grateful to have had Sheila as my attorney. If you're looking for someone who will be in your corner and fight for you, don't' hesitate to call Sheila Shoemake!"

"Sheila Shoemake negotiated a good deal on my municipal charges and with DPS. Sheila kept me informed and helped me navigate through all the legal procedures."

"Since the first time I consulted with Sheila, she has given me great legal advice and great service! Not only has she worked hard to get the best outcome for my case, but she has been a great emotional support and has shown that she truly cares about me as a person."

"There are no words to express the gratitude that we feel for all the extra time, effort and help we received during an unexpected legal issue. Attorney Sheila Shoemake represented us with positive results getting both our civil cases dismissed! We couldn't be happier with the results! She was very professional and helpful in winning our cases! She made us feel like we mattered. We would highly recommend her!"

"Getting falsely charged with Domestic Violence was frightening. My family members contacted Mrs. Shoemake and she immediately went to visit me while I was still in jail waiting to be bonded out. Because of Mrs. Shoemake's hard work and perseverance, my charges were dismissed. I am extremely thankful for her great representation and kindness!"