Bringing Peace Of Mind To The Law

Interacting with the law is anxiety-inducing. You may not know where to turn or what questions to ask. At my firm, I guide you to a solution you can trust and fight for your best interests.

Experienced Family Law And Criminal Defense Services For Oklahoma Residents


“We need more attorneys in Oklahoma like Ms. Shoemake. She is a true treasure and excellent practitioner of the law. Attorney Shoemake is the embodiment of what makes a most excellent, wise and successful lawyer.”

“Sheila was always readily available to answer any questions I had about my case. I am very grateful to have had Sheila as my attorney. If you’re looking for someone who will be in your corner and fight for you, don’t’ hesitate to call Sheila Shoemake!”

“Since the first time I consulted with Sheila, she has given me great legal advice and great service! Not only has she worked hard to get the best outcome for my case, but she has been a great emotional support and has shown that she truly cares about me as a person.”

Ensuring The Law Takes Your Needs Into Consideration

The court can seem like a place where people do not matter – where you are a number, not an individual with a life to live. At Shoemake Law Firm, I strive to take the stress and uncertainty out of the legal process. Instead, I focus on making sure your voice matters and ensuring that you have a say in your own future. I’m committed to being your relentless advocate throughout the legal process, fighting for your rights every step of the way.

I have spent years in the legal field working as both a personal attorney and as a public defender. Throughout my years in practice, I have seen people in moments of true crisis. As a result, I am equipped to cut through the chaos and address your concerns. I am proud to offer legal aid to individuals and families across Oklahoma City and to support my neighbors.

Bringing The Individual Back Into Family Law And Criminal Defense Advocacy

One of the most valuable things an attorney can do for you is to develop a personalized legal strategy that puts your interests first. I am highly detail-oriented. After listening to your story and asking in-depth questions, I put together a creative and strong approach to your case. My extensive list of prior cases includes:

  • Resolving DUI allegations and preserving clients’ driver’s licenses
  • Allocating marital property in financially sound ways during divorce
  • Preserving clients’ rights to see and parent their children

Whether you need help adopting a child, managing your marital home or defending yourself from criminal allegations, I can create a distinct plan that considers your context in full.

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